Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it snowed today!! As you all may know already. We got a record breaking 5-6 inches of snow on my side. Wow, I am totally blown away by you Lord. You are awesome, You are amazing, and you don't surprise me because all things are possible with you. Veronica had been praying for snow for the last 2 days and the Lord revealed himself to her by letting it snow. Your awesome Lord and I love you. So I wanted to share our experience with you. They say that the last time that it snowed like this was 30 years ago. God showing His amazing Almighty work. It's another one of His miracles. May you be glorified Lord.

So here are some pictures above of our fun filled day. God Bless you!!

Soo the picture uploader was not working, I will upload later on today. God Bless


  1. oh sis I know wasnt it the best?? We too prayed for snow because we didnt get any the other day or two ago when Summerlin did we were bummed so we prayed and boy did He answer it was great and great for kiddo's to see their prayers answered as well as see all His beauty truly blessed we are. I am looking foward to seeing pictures.
    God bless sis!!!

  2. Okay, so it is you and Cindy that are responsible for me having to play in the snow yesterday! LOL! Seriously, though, we had lots of fun and made a great memory with the kids. My kids had been sad when it snowed while we were in CA the other day, so this more than made up for it! Can't wait to see your pics when its working....see you soon! (hopefully!) Kristin

  3. Hi there (again!) So good to hear from you today! Just wanted to answer your Q's in a place where you'd see them :) The live nativity was at Green Valley Baptist on Paseo Verde. I guess they have it every year, I had just never been before. It was great!....of course (about using the card ribbon idea!) use anything you see that you like! I wish i had done it sooner, we were able to enjoy the cards more! I love your snow pictures - wasn't that a fun day? Off to try your peppermint mocha hot chocolate idea...sounds yummy! Hope you have a GREAT New Year's week! Kristin


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