Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Ideas!!

Well Valentines Day is just around the corner. I have been finding a lot of great ideas for Valentines. So here it goes.

Valentines Treats

Cupcake with heart-shaped center. Isn't she darlingly sweet! yumm!

Go to Made with Love click here for the recipe. It's a process but well worth it! Have fun!

Chocolate Ravioli Hearts!! yumm

these look very delish...check out Hungry Happenings {click here} here for the recipe!!

How about a Cupcake Buffett...I'm so there!!

Go to Comfy in the Kitchen with Janelle for a Cupcake Buffet Idea. she has a lot of other great ideas too!!

Valentines Home Decor Ideas

Valentine Heart Flowers...{{Squeal so cute}}

Martha always has something good up her sleeve, as far as crafts go. The possibilites are endless with this one. Go check out Martha Stewarts {click here} instructions for these cuties.

LOVE yarn letters. this is super cute. This is last minute, maybe good for smaller letters. I love how the colors shade changes. Pretty cute!

Check out My Sister's Suitcase Blog here to see instructions.

Oh so cute, table decor!!! Felt Flower Balls  love this idea!!  (I have one of these in my master bedroom}

Thank you Just So Sassy for sharing!! Here's the link for the tut on the red felt flower ball. I'm so doing this one!!

Super cute as a garland

check out JaderBomb for the directions

Thanks BibleLoveNotes for sharing...this is soo inspiring and encouraging. This is how I am re-doing my fireplace.

Valentines Cards/envelopes

Check out these adoiable {wink}!

Go to MeandHim {click here} to see the Instructions for these. Hubby will love these.

Valentines Candy Wrappers
These are so cute, to wrap your honeys favorite candy bar, accesorize it!

2 for Martha shes on a roll...Click here for the template to print out.

Date Night Ideas:

Coffee Bean & Tea is having a great deal for Valentines!

Well I pray that you have Love-filled weekend with the Lord, your family and friends!!

Loving God!

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  1. great ideas thanks here are mine


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